OAK Lab is an Open Innovation Energy Knowledge Portal delivered by leading Academic Institutes to research and develop energy savings solutions for built environments.

We aim to help businesses impact the energy crisis through the development of new products, processes, and services, supported by an outstanding innovation ecosystem that is agile, inclusive and smart digital-data driven.


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The Energy Sector in Crisis and Transformation

Electricity price index used in wholesale cost allowance
Average inbox price used in each price cap period
Source: Ofgem

The Energy Sector in Crisis and Transformation

The UK energy sector is in facing unprecedented high wholesale prices.

Utilities are going under and businesses are struggling financially.

The UK energy sector is going through the revolution of digitalisation and intelligent operations thanks to enhanced computing and IoT capabilities.



Create an open source Digital Energy Knowledge Portal to generate knowledge that accelerates the transition towards sustainable built environments.


Develop Academia-Industry Consortia to meet industry challenges toward NET ZERO CO2 targets for a sustainable built environment.


MISSION: Exploit the power of energy data to accelerate the transition towards sustainable built environments
IMPACT: Achieve energy security and efficiency via analytics and IoT
to inform best technologies and infrastructure for a net zero built environment


About Us

LEAD: Dr Salvador Acha, Research Fellow in Low Carbon Energy Systems and Sustainable Built Environments at Imperial College London

Dr Salvador Acha, Research Fellow in Low Carbon Energy Systems and Sustainable Built Environments at Imperial College London

A leading industry focused academic from the Dept. of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London, facilitating the transition towards low carbon energy systems by developing decision-making frameworks that support stakeholders in understanding the implications new technologies provide.

Research Fellow and Project Manager of the Imperial College-Sainsbury’s Partnership providing: in-depth analytics of asset performance, promoting energy efficiency and a roadmap so Sainsbury’s can reduce its carbon footprint through the introduction of low carbon initiatives.

Dr Acha leads, on an independent basis, through Imperial Consultants

CHAIR: Dr Gugs Lushai, NED, OAK Network Limited

Entrepreneurial, growth-minded Executive with proven success in building, scaling, and positioning businesses for rapid expansion and market share dominance.

Transformational Leader skilled in identifying and overhauling systemic deficiencies to impact performance across cost, time and quality requirements.

Mentored and supported over 155 organisations (industry, NHS, university) with disruptive innovation seed funding worth £65M+ to date.

Imperial College Consultant

Lead by: Dr. Salvador Acha and Dr. Gugs Lushai

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